Wooly stripe gift wrap

This colourful gift wrap is not only easy to create it's also extremely versatile in tailoring to the recipient's likes and preferences.


  • brown paper parcel wrap
  • various coloured wool - this is a great way to use up a leftover yarn stash
  • double sided sticky tape

Step 1

Wrap the gift in brown paper (I like to use double sided tape to conceal it and stop it spoiling the finished look)

Step 2

Take lengths of different coloured wool and begin to tie them around the middle of the gift. Secure with a double knot. 

This is clearly super simple but having a little helper to hold the first knot firm will include the children in the act of gift giving.


Step 3

Keep adding the yarn until you are happy with the overall effect. There are so many variations you could use with these materials.

You may opt to keep the yarn close together, to act as a wide ribbon or spread it out to reveal the brown paper underneath.

You may want to position it in the centre of the gift or more to one edge. 




You could make a feature of the knots and put them at the front of the gift or hide them at the back. 


You could opt for a pastel colour scheme, over brights. Monochrome for a more masculine effect or neutrals for stylish luxe look.

You could change the colour of the wrapping paper too. White would work well, as would any single colour.

There you go - really easy to do and one you can get creative with tailoring for your special people.