Star garland gift wrap

This stylish gift wrap is perfect for Christmas gifts. The sweet little stars glued to string will add a festive flavour to any gift.  Using materials you are likely to have to hand this can be a little fiddly, but well worth the effort and will look stylish under the tree. 


  • brown paper
  • parcel string 
  • black and white cardstock
  • Star cutter
  • double sided sticky tape
  • tacky glue

Step 1

After wrapping the gift in brown paper (I like to use double sided tape to conceal it and stop it spoiling the finished look) Using the star cutter make several black and white stars ready for attaching to the string.

Using black and white gives a stylish monochrome look to the gift. 


Step 2

Take a long piece of string and wrap it several times around the box in a random manner, ensuring the string crosses over itself at several points. Tie the string securely at the back of the gift. We used ordinary cotton parcel string, available from most Post Offices, stationers and supermarkets. 


Step 3

Here comes the tricky part.
Use tacky glue to apply small dots of glue spread evenly along the string. Apply the pre cut stars to the glue dots.

Tacky glue is a PVA based glue that is produced to be a little more tacky than regular PVA craft glue. Aleens tacky glue is a well known brand that comes in handy small bottles for easy application. I happened to be in Hobby craft and saw their own version and thought I’d give it a go. So far so good!

Step 4

There you have it.  A stylish monochrome gift wrap. Allow the glue to dry before stacking any presents under the tree so as not to dislodge any.

Step 5

Here’s how it looks with white stars. 

This colour scheme is a simple one and may not at first glance appear very ‘Christmassy’. I like this gift wrap as the stars remind me of the sparkly fairy lights we adorn our trees and houses with at christmas.

We’ll have more ideas for gift wrap next newsletter, building on this stylish colour scheme to make all your gifts look amazing together under the tree.