Polka dot gift wrap

This gift wrap is both cost effective and simple to recreate. It's easy enough to get the children involved too. I like to use this for children's birthdays and I always have a roll of brown paper in the house (which has lasted years!). 


  • brown paper
  • coloured dot stickers
  • coloured string, twine or wool
  • scissors
  • double sided sticky tape

Step 1

After wrapping the gift in brown paper (I like to use double sided tape to conceal it and stop it spoiling the finished look) apply the dotty stickers over the gift randomly. You can find dotty stickers in most stationers, Post Offices and Supermarkets. 

You can use one colour as we did here which lends itself to a more uniform look. Or use a range of coloured stickers for a fun multicoloured effect.

Step 2

Take a long piece of string and wrap it around the box. Tie securely and fasten with a bow. We used a Jute string from John Lewis. Wool would work well, as would bakers twine which comes in an array of beautiful colours.