Large Polka dot gift wrap

Similar to our polka dot gift wrap tutorial this idea is both cost effective and simple to recreate. Using larger dot stickers gives a more sophisticated adult look especially when paired with a beautiful ribbon. 


  • brown paper
  • large dot /colour coding stickers
  • wide double faced ribbon
  • scissors
  • double sided sticky tape

Step 1

After wrapping the gift in brown paper (I like to use double sided tape to conceal it and stop it spoiling the finished look) apply the dotty stickers over the gift randomly.

I found these colour coding stickers on Amazon. They're 2" diameter and come in a range of lovely colours. You can also find them in some stationers and Post Offices. 


Step 2

We used a matching black 1 and 1/2" wide ribbon for this gift. You can buy wide double faced ribbon from any haberdasher's, in a range of colours. 

Take the ribbon and wrap it once around around the gift. Secure with a bow. 

Using a single colour sticker with a coordinating ribbon gives a more sophisticated look, perfect for an adult.

Who wouldn't enjoy receiving and opening this gift.